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"Over 30 years of experience in permanent hair removal services for men and women"

About Our Hair Removal Professionals in Beverly Hills, MI

Hair Removal Professionals in Beverly Hills, MI

Our hair removal professionals in Beverly Hills, MI, specializes in proven permanent hair removal for men and women, medically approved procedures for over 30 years (Electrolysis), over 18 years (Lasers).

We provide permanent hair removal services on any part of the body.

Complimentary consultation assessment is available for both men & women:

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Regina Jaye, RE, has been doing Electrolysis for 30 years. Her electrolysis clinic practice, the Electrolysis Clinic of Birmingham, is located:
Beverly Hill Medical Village 31815 Southfield Rd., Suite #28, Beverly Hills, MI 48025


Regina Jaye, RE, treats men and women for unwanted hair on any part of their body. She uses the techniques of both Electrolysis and laser, as needed, to permanently remove hair. Permanent hair removal is a valuable process for self-esteem and simple grooming. Electrolysis also works great on ingrown hairs anywhere on the body!

More about Regina Jaye, RE

Regina Jaye, RE, began her practice at Jacobson's Dept. store in Birmingham. She opened her clinic two years later in Birmingham. As her practice grew, she added associates, who are with her to this day and expanded her business. Now she is located in the Beverly Hills Medical Village in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

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